Raw Materials

Packvel always try to take serious consideration about the raw materials used in packaging. Not all materials provide the cosnsistent quality of internal product, a good range of raw materials which are available in the market are bad for products. They can potentially compromise the quality. Packvel constantly do research and development to ensure the best available raw materials are used in packaging.

Packvel only create packaging which is not only provide the best protection against outside harmful elements, but also the raw materials of packaging ensure quality, durability and experience. Depending on the content of product such as semi-liquid, liquid, dry and so on; we provide the most suitable raw materials for the specific products.

Quality and Efficiency in Process

Packvel seamlessly invest huge energy and time on research and development to ensure efficiency in packaging production process. This initiative not only help packvel provide the best output with least usage of resource, but also provide efficiency in industry altogether. In a country of limited resource and huge demand for urgency, packvel believes in continuous development to keep introducing game-changing processes.

Environmental Concerns

Packvel takes utmost importance in protecting environment. We try to ensure the least usage of materials to lessen the transport emission of our packaging. All of our packaging materials are either decomposable or recyclable. Packvel is also working hard to make segments of its process zero waste. Packvel is constantly looking for alternative materials which derives from natural origin to protect environment even more.

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