Halda Valley

Product box is one of our most researched offerings. Packvel not only value the look of the product box packaging, we also value the experience with both its physical form.


Halda Valley is committed to create majestic experience to the tea lovers through its premium blend, smell & taste in every sip. Even though service and market positioning for Halda Valley was solid, they still required a unorthdox solution in packaging which can effectively reflect their brand’s core appeal


In collaboration with Horin Branding, A Design & Branding Agency; Packvel is previleged to contribute to packaging concept creation and design making for Halda Valley. Due to unorthodox yet premium appealing packaging design, Halda valley has achieved massive success within a short amount of time after they introduce their new line of products to mass level consumer market.

Inspirations & Philosophy

During the research and development process of packvel’s service, our team put a extensive effort to understand the core essence of tea experience. We gather insights from the origin of tea, China; where people still practice an asthetic form of tea experience. As Halda Valley is providing premium experience in tea, we wanted to reflect ancient norm of tea experiece from its origin to modern packaging.

Merging ancient tradition with modern packaging was never easy, although Packvel believes in taking major challenges in packaging. Henceforth, Our team made its philosophical approach of structural designing into packaging of Halda Valley. Covering the ancient form of tea containment in Glass Jar and wodden cork; paper packaging of Halda Valley signifies modern essence of repeat usability.

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